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SAVINGS SINCE 2015-10-27

Energy Savings


Enviroment CO2*




Service Information

This is a service from Capelon where we together with Vithi save energy, environment and maintenance by managing streetlights in an energy efficient way.

The objective is for this service to save at least 30% of the energy consumption. A benefit for Vithi is that the actual savings will finance the cost of the service including equipment.

The GreenStreet system from Capelon has a variety of methods to make the streetlight more energy efficient. In this project the supply voltage to the lamps are reduced and stabilized so the amount of light is optimized for the actual need and a maximum saving is achieved.


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Energy Consumption


A truly regulated supply voltage has lot of advantages for the overall savings. Over voltage on the mains is a very common and it is the main reason for reducing lamp life as well increasing energy consumption. The GreenStreet system provides a stable environment for the lamps by protecting the lamps from over voltage and spikes. Lamp life is prolonged by up to two years. Normally the potential for savings due to more efficient maintenance could be estimated to be similar to the the energy saving.

* Based on European Energy Mix 400g CO2/kWh

** Maintenance cost is normally similar to energy cost.